What the Popular Kids in High School Were Doing 10 Years Ago

Any minute now, high school yearbooks will be off to the printers, preparing to announce to the world the Who’s Who of senior classes across the country. No one in my life was shocked when I nabbed the superlative of Most Talkative (which I’m still not convinced is a compliment?). This includes the poor chap who tried capturing just the right shot of my fellow winner and me as we yucked it up during our photo session instead of focusing on the task at hand.


If your kids are feeling kind of blue for not making the list, thinking that only the popular kids make that special list, here’s a reminder that all those cool kids were just crazy (and often gross) little kids only ten years ago. Why not read this list to them and assign them their very own special superlative? It just might cheer them up.

NOW: Most Likely to Succeed

THEN: Picking his nose in gym class and eating it.

NOW: Cutest Couple

THEN: Brawling over the last tater tot in the lunch line.

NOW: Best Hair

THEN: Cutting her own hair off with a pair of crafting scissors due to an unfortunate gum incident. Yes, she stole the gum from her older brother so she was doubly in trouble.

NOW: Most Athletic

THEN: Gazing out at the daffodils on the field as the rest of her team ran past her during the game. Again.

NOW: Best Dresser

THEN: Always in nothing but superhero underwear. The ones with the holes worn through them.

NOW: Most Friendly

THEN: Whiny brat who never got invited to a playdate twice.

NOW: Most Likely to Win an Oscar

THEN: Throwing an inappropriate (though, admittedly, high quality) tantrum in public.

NOW: Most Artistic

THEN: Peeing in the snow in the front yard.

NOW: Biggest Over-Achiever

THEN: Clogging the toilet with shockingly large poops on the regular.

NOW: Mr. & Miss Congeniality

THEN: OMG, they were just awful back then. There are no words.

NOW: Most School Spirit

THEN: Crying every. Single. Day. Before school.

Did you win any superlatives during your school years? Which superlative would you award your kids?