How to Enjoy New Year’s Eve with the Kids

It’s easier to find water in the desert than it is to find a babysitter on New Year’s Eve. That’s because babysitters are human people, too. They want to celebrate real live holidays just like the rest of us.

Chances are, if you’re a parent you’re not going out on the town on New Year’s Eve. It’s nearly impossible to get a babysitter on New Year’s. Short of leaving the kids in the car with a bottle of Martinell’s and the window opened a crack, you’re not going out on the town.  But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy New Year’s Eve.


Truth be told, New Year’s Eve isn’t actually that fun once you become a Mom. The whole evening focuses around the minute before midnight and the minute after. That means you actually have to stay awake until midnight. And what Mom really wants to do that? 

So maybe the best way for a Mom to actually enjoy New Year’s Eve is to spend it with her entire family. And yes, that means the kids. How you ask? Allow me…

1) Invite some other families over.

Kids eat dinner early. So have a New Year’s Eve family party early.  Let the kids run wild while you sip some bubbly.

2) Let the kids go to sleep too late.

If you have a little, she’ll be begging to go to sleep early anyhow. But the big ones, why not let them watch a movie a little too late? So pop in a DVD for the kids and pop a bottle of champs for yourself.

3) Who cares if you see the ball drop?

New Year’s Eve is about celebrating, having fun and looking forward. So don’t worry about staying up ‘til midnight just to prove your street cred with your non-breeder friends. Those childless buddies who stayed out all night don’t have kids screaming their names at 7AM. So have fun and get to bed. We won’t tell.

4) Go away for a night with the kiddos.

It doesn’t have to be far, but why not book a hotel room for the whole family and make a mini-vacay out of the holiday? The kids will have a blast and you will, too.

5) Let the kids have a fancy party.

Everyone loves to dress up so invite a few buddies over (kids and adults), let the kids make bowties, sip sparkling apple juice and eat a “fancy” dinner. As long as the kids are occupied and happy, the adults will have a blast. And that’s what New Year’s is all about.

6) Get one babysitter to watch all the kiddos.

It’s hard for a bunch of grown-ups to each get a sitter, but it’s not hard to find at least one sitter for all the kids. So even if your friend’s nanny charges “holiday rates”, do it. She can do a craft with the kids or give them their fancy dinner while the grown ups dance on tabletops.

Most of all have a good time. Who cares how you celebrate? What you celebrate is what’s important. And if you’re a Mom, you have a lot to celebrate! Cheers.