Mother Daughter Day

Being the mom of more than one child, I resolved early on to make time for each of them individually. In my dream scenario, I imagined once a month “date days” where I’d spend an afternoon or evening or a full day with them on an individual basis. Of course, divorce has a tricky way of messing with one’s plans.


I share custody with my ex. He’s a very involved dad and we have an amicable friendship. We’re able to coordinate schedules and flex our shared time, but when we try to split up the kids for a little one-on-one time, things get a bit tricky. 

I love and adore my children. I would love and adore having them seven days a week, 365 days a year. That being said, it’s exhausting being a single mom, the only woman on deck from the time I get off work until the time I leave to go to work the next day. I look forward to the two or three nights a week where I can get housework done, work on writing projects, and maybe even go on a date.

When we split the kids up, we know we’re getting a week without a break.

But it’s worth it.

Tonight, Joseph and Chad are going to a bit Lego event while Elizabeth and I are having a mother-daughter day. We’re going to our “special” lunch place for dinner, painting our nails, and plan on going out for tea and scones in the morning. It may not be as exciting as the Lego event, but we’re both looking forward to it and have been for weeks.

How do you manage one on one time with your children?