Kissy Face

Did you know today is National Kissing Day? (It’s also Take Your Webmaster to Lunch Day. Who thinks of these things?)


I told the kids this morning that I’d have to kiss them every hour on the dot. No excuses.

Sadly, Joseph’s starting to get to the age where he’s wiping off my kisses rather than going in for more. My response, of course, is to attack him with kisses.

I’m not too happy with yet another example of how fast he’s growing. Amnesia is already setting in. I know he used to sit next to me and cover my faces in kisses. I know I used to hold him close and kiss him all over his face and neck. We were always a very kissy pair. But now? Those seem like dim memories of another life.

One or two kisses – “on the cheek, mama” – and he’s off and running. God forbid, I try to kiss him all over his face. He rolls his eyes, shakes his head, and says, “I love you, but enough kisses!”

“There are never enough kisses!” I reply asI tackle him and kiss his face.

Thankfully, Elizabeth is a very kissy girl.

For now.

She holds my cheeks with both hands and plants one smack dab on the mouth. And when I’m done, she leans closer and screams “MORE!”

Joseph calls her the Kissy Monster. I told him to change it to Kissy Sissy and it’d rhyme.

He liked that.

How old were your kids when they asked you to stop kissing them?

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