Wonder Woman Daycare

I was in a pinch to find a new daycare for the kids this summer when one of Joseph’s friends’ moms reminded me she operated an in-home daycare.


Thinking it might be just the break needed for the kids, and realizing she was way less expensive than some of the more structured preschools and summer camp programs, I signed them up.

I walked into her house and, while it was filled with the toys and art projects one associates with preschool and daycares, it was also neat as a pin and oddly mellow. By “oddly mellow”, I mean she had five children under three in one room and it was quiet. The children were playing together, sharing, talking and laughing quietly, but in no way out of control.

My house, with two children, is louder.

The scent of crock pot taco soup filled the air as Elizabeth showed me where she had napped. A bedroom with neat little blue cots and cozy afghans lined one wall, while a book case filled with books lined another.

Outside on the sidewalk were oatmeal and water based volcanoes stained with the aftermath of a baking soda and vinegar eruptions. Joseph informed me it was “Mad Scientist Week” and he couldn’t wait until “Outdoor Adventure Week” because they were going to be making bows and arrows.

I was handed a schedule for karate class, swim lessons, and vacation Bible school. I was told not to worry about feeding them breakfast and if I ever need to run errands after work, let her know and she’d feed them dinner. Without a late pick up charge.

As I walked away, the kids filling my ears with how amazing it all was, I couldn’t help but think of her in awe. That many children, that many days, that many hours, would have me at the funny farm. And yet, she’s dressed, make up on, and hair brushed.

All I can say is, wow.

Do you have a daycare provider that could be Wonder Woman?