Green Clad Mischief Makers

Last year, Joseph’s preschool teacher sent him home with what I considered an odd assignment. Confused, I read the directions and then set about learning to build a trap.

A leprechaun trap.

Now, a year later, I think I’ve gotten a handle on this whole St. Patrick’s Day gig. For years, I assumed it was a day to drink beer while claiming Irish ancestry. I realize now that it’s also a day meant to torment small children.

Wait. Did I say torment?

I meant mess with their wee little minds.

You see, in my research, I discovered that leprechauns do all sorts of naughty things if you don’t set a proper trap. They do things like turn your milk green. They leave little green footprints across the floor. They turn your toilet water green. They knock over chairs and put stools on top of the coffee table. They hide Army men under bowls and turn pictures upside down.

They’ve even been known to leave behind gold chocolate coins.

Which is naughty indeed.

This year, when my kids woke up, they were prepared to see what sort of mischief those little green clad men got up to. Their excitement as they discovered the laundry hampers upside down and the trail of lemons on the floor erased any discomfort they might feel at the idea that a troop of six inch tall magical creatures were romping in the house while we were asleep.

So far, St. Patrick’s Day has become one of my favorite holidays. Mostly because all the prep took less than fifteen minutes and only cost around five bucks.

Did you do anything fun for St. Patrick’s Day?

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