Creepy Critters in my Kitchen

So, a few weeks ago, I looked through our local rec center classes, and decided to sign my son up for a class called “Animal Science: Zoology for Kids!”  He loves science, and is madly in love with all of the earth’s creatures: the shrimp, the mongoose, the shark (but not, for some reason, the elephant).


I read the brochure which said they would be learning about the life cycles of crickets, squids, worms and other squirmy things (no elephants—phew!). Perfect. I’m not fond of squirmy things myself, but bless him if he wants to learn all about them in a sterile environment that is not my home.

I happily went to the first class with him titled: Meal Worms: From Larvae to Beetle! Yay!  (Personally, blech, but yay!) And this is where I realized I hadn’t read the blurb closely enough. Because at the beginning of class, each student was given two worms: to examine and study and learn about and take home with him. And each class, each student will be given a new creature to take home with him.

I now have two meal worms in Tupperware on my kitchen table. The life cycle from worm to beetle takes about six months.

I’m not going to make it that long.