Not a Genius

9 Inevitable Moments When You’ll Sadly Realize Your Child Is Not a Genius After All

And they are. But there are times when even I, at least momentarily, doubt each of their capacity for genius. For example:


1. I try to teach him to blow a bubble and he repeatedly blows his gum across the room.

2. I tell him to eat his broccoli, and his answer is “I already ate it,” when the broccoli is clearly present and untouched on the plate between you.

3. He asks for popsicles for his breakfast for the 337th time, and is still surprised when I say no.

4. He is reasonably convinced I will let him wear shorts in 30 degree weather.

5. He calls me up to his room in the middle of the night because he “needs to give me a high five.”

6. He insists he needs to sleep with mommy and daddy because he’s “scared of the hiccups.”

7. He explains to his little brother that an animal doctor is called a “vegetarian.”

8. He’s pretty sure I’m going to let him have a pet tarantula.

9. His defense for kicking his brother after following him across the room, up the stairs, and into the bathroom, is that his brother was “in his way.”

What less than genius moments do your children have?

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