6 Tips for Getting Out of the House on Time

What mom doesn’t struggle with getting out of the house on time? Between getting herself and her children ready, leaving the house sometimes feels like it takes more energy and effort then it’s worth.

While there’s no question that keeping the family confined to the house in their pajamas all day, every day, would be the easiest solution, for most of us, it’s simply not an option. So if you’re like many moms who struggle to get out of the house on time, consider putting these 10 tips to the test:

1. Do what you can the Night Before

Whether it’s packing lunches or pulling out clothes, whatever you can do the night before, do it. Doing what you can in the evening will give you more time in the morning.

2. Always have a bag packed and ready

 I have found that keeping a loaded diaper bag in the front closet has made it possible to make a quick escape from the house when needed. Reloading the diaper bag and placing it back in the closet after each use will assure you that you’re always ready for a quick getaway.

3. Simplify when you can

Whether it’s having a no fuss hair do, an easy make-up regimen or a TV free morning, simplify when you can.  Keeping your morning routine as simple as possible can help eliminate chaos, which can make even the calmest of moms run late.

4. Wake up 15 minutes before everyone else

If mom hasn’t taken care of herself, she won’t be able to take care of anyone else. Waking up a few minutes before everyone else allows you to grab your shower or drink your cup of coffee in peace. Starting the day off with a few minutes to yourself can set the tone for the rest of your day.

5. Have a place for everything

Sick of early morning scavenger hunts for lost papers, missing shoes and more? Having a set place for things is certain to help you save time and energy in the morning. Trying setting up an in and out box for paperwork, a shoe bin for each family member’s shoes and a set place to leave work, daycare and school supplies.

6. Remember to be early is to be on time

In high school, I was drum major of our marching band and our band directory always said “To be early is to be on time.” That phrase has stuck with me for over 15 years and my brain now permanently thinks 15 minutes ahead of the clock. I’ve found that as a result, I’m rarely ever late.  Try adapting this motto yourself. Padding the clock can really help to reduce tardiness and get you out of the house on time.

With kids the unexpected and unpredictable is bound to happen and it’s inevitable that some days, we’re all gone to run late. Fortunately, with a little planning and preparation, you’ll find that getting out of the house on time is the rule, rather than the exception to it.

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