5 Outdoor Date Ideas for Summer

Need ideas for outdoor summer dates? Here’s what we have on our list so far:

1. Get cozy at a drive-in (or outdoor) movie. We’re lucky enough to have a drive-in movie theater not too far from us. I’ve never been to one, but I love the idea of cuddling in our car with snacks and watching a movie together. Many towns offer free outdoor movies so pack a blanket and picnic to catch a flick under the stars!

2. Go wine-tasting. While we may not booze it up like we did during our college days, wine tours are just a fun way to find new wines we love. Most wineries have beautiful gardens and grounds that visitors can enjoy. Some even have events, as well as cafes or restaurants.

3. Breakfast at the farmer’s market. One of my favorite scenes in You’ve Got Mail is when Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks shop at the farmer’s market together. Why not wake up a little earlier, grab coffee and stroll your local market for an a la carte breakfast? Our market has vendors who sell pastries, crepes, and waffles!

4. Take advantage of your local parks. While I’m not big on camping, it’s very romantic to sleep under the stars together. Not to mention the fact that you can have sex outdoors (albeit in a tent–or not). I prefer the comforts of indoor plumbing, but I love hiking and exploring the parks.

5. Check out local food festivals. Both my husband love to eat and there’s a different food fest every weekend where we live. With no picky eaters tagging along, we can sample all the gourmet options at the food festivals. Sometimes we pretend to be judges on Top Chef and “critique” our fancy food.

I’m sure I’ll add more date ideas to our list, but this is a great start. We may not check everything off our list but we’re going to have fun trying!

What are your favorite type of summer dates?

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