7 Reasons Why Your Marriage Is Better Than A Celebrity’s Marriage

Angelina and Brad are kaput. And so are Drew and Will. Who’s next? Jay-Z and Beyonce? Let’s hope not. I’m not sure any of us could take any more celebrity marriage fails. See when celebrity couples split up, we normal married people take it a bit personally. Well, at least I do. I can’t help but think that if a celebrity couple, with their endless budgets, countless assistants and nannies, and a private jets can’t stay together, how can the rest of us who don’t have it so easy hope to stay married? But the truth is, a normal couple’s marriage is nothing like a celebrity’s. In fact, the grass isn’t always greener when it comes to celebrities and marriage.

Having lived and worked in Hollywood my entire adult life, I can tell you first hand that a celebrity marriage is nothing like yours or mine. Remaining in a happy, committed marriage is hard enough, but add in the pressure of paparazzi, location shoots, and fans throwing themselves at you and suddenly staying happily married isn’t so easy. Here’s why you’re lucky you’re not part of a celebrity couple:


1. You and your husband don’t have paparazzi following you all day. Couples fight, but celebrity couples’ fights are documented for the world to see. Add to that someone photographing you or your spouse every time you so much as speak to a member of the opposite sex and you’ll be thinking your spouses is flirting when all he was doing was asking for directions.

2. You’re probably not working in separate cities (or countries) for months at a time, either. Normal husbands and wives might get frustrated with a spouse who works long hours, but that’s nothing compared to having a spouse who is filming out of town for months on end. It’s hard to keep a marriage together when you’re never in the same place.

3. Your house isn’t so huge that you never see each other, even when you’re home. It seems so glamorous to have a house bigger than a football stadium until you realize that means you and your husband never actually spend time together. Sure, it’s annoying to argue over the remote or have to deal with his nail clippings in the sink, but it’s better than living like strangers in your own home.

4. Women aren’t throwing themselves at your husband all day long. Of course your husband is gorgeous, but he’s still a normal guy who probably doesn’t have hundreds of women throwing themselves at him everyday. All that attention can be a strain on any relationship.

5. Celebrities are used to getting their own way, no matter what. Part of what makes a marriage work is compromising and putting your family first above yourself. But if you’re used to never hearing the word no, you’re never going to want to hear it at home.

6. Famous people spend a lot of time thinking about themselves. They are a one-person business after all. Being married, however, requires you to think of someone else. That can be tough when you’ve spent so much time thinking of yourself.

7. There’s always a crowd around, no matter what. The thought of having personal assistants and countless nannies sounds amazing to those of us who don’t, but too much staff can also get in the way of a relationship. Do you want your birthday present picked out by your husband’s assistant? Me neither. A little help around the house is great, but not at the expense of connecting with your partner.

8. Celebrities are so spoiled it’s easy to get bored. My husband and I spend a lot of time thinking of dream vacations and contemplating what we’d do if we won the lottery. And working toward those goals is part of what bonds us. But when you have everything at your fingertips and don’t have to strive for anything, you start to get bored. A bored spouse is never a happy one.

So the next time you look at Brad and Angelina with envy or wish you were one half of Channing and Jenna, think again. They’re probably wishing they were a part of a normal couple just like you, even if they do get to fly on private jets.

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