Marriage on the Rocks? Blame Yourself

yourtangolazyWe were fine at first, same as anyone.

We met, fell in love, got married pretty quick, and had three kids across a decade. Jobs, we had ’em. Dogs, check. A nice home to live in and two cars to park out front, we didn’t miss a beat. American Dream sh*t is what we were living. Except we forgot one monumental thing along the way.


 We forgot about each other.

Divorce used to be a taboo word, but now it’s as common as ‘organic’ or ‘Obama’ or ‘porn’. Divorce, once a last ditch option, has become a a major vacation destination from the realities of marriage.

 It’s the same old story time and again, although lots of people find all kinds of ways to sneak around it. Married people are liars, mostly, and liars are liars (especially to themselves). We marry another human being, but true colors start to squeeze out after awhile. We’re self-centered and self-motivated. That’s not just me saying that, it’s nature. We want what we want and we know that we deserve to be as happy as possible every single day of our lives. (I mean, The Internet told me that, so it must be true right?) And with that mindset firmly in place, whole slews of modern marriages die suffocating deaths long before anyone ever even says ‘I do’.

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