Christina Applegate Heads Back To Work Post-Baby

Christina Applegate says it has been difficult to get back to work after having her daughter.

Christina gave birth to her daughter just over six months ago and shares what it’s been like to go back to work – on her new TV show ‘Up All Night’ (co-starring Will Arnett).  She shared: “[It’s] been so rough. It’s a really hard thing to do because you miss them. But I’m doing well.”

Christina’s new show is about a couple with a new baby, trying to find balance between work and home – something we can all relate to.  She shared how motherhood has changed her own priorities:

“Parenthood just changed me in the sense that nothing really matters but [Sadie]. None of it really matters. The importance I placed on things prior to this moment, they don’t matter anymore. All that matters is I get to go in there in the morning and see her face. She smiles at me and my life is better.”




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