Going Back to What Worked for My Madre: Clorox Bleach

I grew up with bleach. If it was dirty, out came the Clorox. Despite growing up in a household full of children (and chaos), my madre was able to keep our home pretty clean.

Cut to the present.


My husband, son, and I are lucky to have something many New Yorkers long for in a home: sunshine and space. Our apartment is airy, filled with light, and accented with white floors and walls. It’s across the street from a beautiful park, the perfect location for our energetic hijo Nacho. When we found the place, we knew we had won the neighborhood lottery – but it never occurred to me that so much dirt and grime would be tracked into our home just from living so close to a park. Our floors and walls started to have this permanent film, dirt, and muck that never budged no matter what products I used on them.

After several failed attempts trying cleanser after cleanser I went back to what I knew worked for my madre: Clorox. I picked up the regular kind, no bells or whistles, and then I cleaned the mother out of our space. (I use about a 1/2 cup of Clorox and dilute with warm water; usually 1/2 a bucket cleans all my cabinets, walls, and floors.) The result was bliss — pure, clean, white-wall, bliss.

Clorox pouring in bucket jpeg

I have also discovered that Clorox is a lifesaver for getting stains out of white clothes. Since I dress my son much like I dress myself — light colors to offset dark fall and winter months — we have a lot of whites in our closets.


 Because we’re at the park every day, rain or shine, the dirty laundry piles up fast! I have tried every laundry product out there, and nothing cleans our whites like this bleach. My delicates only need about 10 minutes, but I let my hijo’s white jeans and socks soak for a good hour.

Clorox The little culprit

 I have now been using Clorox three times a week for about a month. On Sundays, I do the floors, walls, and any clothing that needs to be brightened up. Midweek, I do a quick wipe down of the walls and floors. Saturdays, I clean the bathroom and the sinks.

Clorox cabinet cleaning with gloves Jpeg Having our home clean and bright is important to me. I have a busy life and I can take the clutter that comes with having an active child in the house — but dirt, no thank you! Much like my madre, I am sticking to Clorox.

*This post was sponsored by Clorox