Clorox Bleach Is a Germaphobe’s BFF

I’ve never been much of a neat freak, which definitely drove my parents crazy when I was growing up, but actually comes in handy with an almost 3-year-old who somehow manages to play with every single one of his toys a daily basis. Germs on the other hand are un otra cosa. It’s funny, I thought NYC was a breeding ground for germs as a pre-mom, but olvidarse having a baby entered me into a whole new ball game. And now that my baby is a toddler I’m constantly cringing at the thought of the microscopic little germs that are entering our home on a daily basis. A no shoes policy can only help so much. Especially when my fast-as-lightning boy tends to run through the house faster than I can say “quitate los zapatos!”



 But the shoes are the least of my germy problems. Between washing our hands at the sink, using the potty (yay), and transitioning to the toilet it seems I spend more time en el baño than I ever thought was possible. And while I do usually tend to lean towards natural household cleaners for regular maintenance, there’s nothing that ensures the germ-free environment that good old Clorox bleach does when your home has just seen enough. There’s a reason all of our own madres used it — it works!

It used to be that I only used Clorox for bleach for extreme circumstances like the shower grime that my natural cleaners were too wimpy for, but as I recently stared at the germ-filled sink, potty and toilet, I knew I was due for one good deep clean.


I followed the directions carefully for each different use, let the bleach soak in and do its work while a checked a few emails in the other room, and waited for the magic to happen. I then rinsed, wiped everything down, and felt at peace with the germ-free place that was my bathroom por un momentito.

Now if only I could disinfect the local playground…

*This post was sponsored by Clorox