Best Names for Dogs

You may not want to go too crazy when you’re naming the not-so-furry members of your family, but when it comes to pets, you can have a little more fun with your picks. (That’s how we ended up with cats named Miss Boo and Winkerbell.) 

There are plenty of cool names that just seem made for dogs (sort of like Beneful Originals!). Here are 30 of my favorites:


“People” Names for Dogs


Marley’s near the top of the popularity charts for both male and female dogs, thanks to the loveably mischievous canine in the book and movie Marley and Me.


This Irish surname is a popular choice for puppies everywhere; it’s in the top 20 for both boy and girl dogs.


Sweet and sassy, this girls’ nickname name is perfect for an energetic puppy.


This nickname for Charles/Charlotte has become a popular baby name for humans and for dogs of both sexes.


Elvis lives! And it makes an adorable name for your pooch. (Just picture it for a chihuahua.)


This old-fashioned name seems custom made for a big, friendly mutt.


With a first syllable that sounds like a dog’s bark, it’s no wonder that Rufus regularly makes the list of the top 100 dogs’ names.

Word Names for Dogs


Having a family to love him makes any dog lucky—and this name a particularly apropos pick.


You don’t have to adopt a boxer to consider this pop-culture icon name for your dog (though that would make it extra cool).


This unisex name is popular for both humans and dogs.


Scout has ties to classic lit, as the protagonist for To Kill a Mockingbird. Consider it for a dog who loves to hunt and spend time in the outdoors.


What better pick for man’s (and woman’s) best friend than this sweet nickname?


Consider this the perfect name for the puppy that stole your heart (and perhaps, your sandwich when you weren’t looking).


Black and gray-hued dogs regularly sport this cool word name.

Place Names for Dogs


This unisex option is the name of a Native American tribe, two states, and a number of young celeb starlets.


Dixie is nickname for the South, and a fun and frisky name for a female dog. It follows the common trend of an “e” ending for a girl dog’s name. (The top of the dog name list is filled with names like Maggie and Sadie!)


The state that brings us the party hotspot Las Vegas sports a name that actually means “covered with snow.” This moniker is more popular for female dogs, but could be used for males as well.


The Colorado city name makes a lovely pick for dogs of either sex.


Coffee lovers united in their love of this place name for dogs, after Hawaii’s rich coffee-growing lands.

Nature Names for Dogs


This nature name has become popular for babies of the human and canine variety.


While celebs like Kate Winslet and Alicia Silverstone have picked this name for their children, we think it’s better for fur babies.


This bright and cheerful bloom makes a festive dogs’ name.


Fresh and green, this forest-favorite plant is the beloved heroine of animal-lover classic Charlotte’s Web.

Food Names for Dogs


This potent potable has been a classic dog name for decades.


Consider Cocoa the ultimate name for a chocolate lab.


This spicy name is perfect for a dog with a feisty personality.


Ginger is most commonly associated with movie musical great Ginger Rogers, and would be a lovely choice for a gold-hued puppy.


Odds are, the sandwich cookie’s name is often used for dogs with black and white fur.


This sweet Southern-style nickname seems perfect for a girly puppy.


The classic treat name is custom-made for a teeny pocket-sized dog.

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