The 5 Best Pieces of Pregnancy Advice I’ve Received So Far


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As I’ve mentioned numerous times, I’m totally open to pregnancy advice from anyone who is willing to dole it out. And, I’ve gotten some great advice so far. Here’s what has helped me the most:


1. Get a nightlight for your bathroom. I know it sounds silly, but my nightlight has been so helpful during my MANY trips to the water closet in the middle of the night.

2. Buy a pregnancy pillow. Granted, I think I have one that is WAY too big — but, it still helps with the tossing and turning I do throughout the night.

3. Invest in a cozy maternity robe and pajama set. I was lucky enough to get a fabulous set from The Gap from a friend (Thanks again, Ashley!). I have seriously contemplated running errands in my PJs because they are so darn comfy.

4. Walk at least 30 min every day. 
Although there are days this does not happen because of a million excuses I won’t bore you with, it’s good advice.

5. Enjoy quiet time. Lots of people are telling me to use this time to get up and go out to movies, fancy dinners, and manicures whenever I feel like it. As much as I’m enjoying nesting and reading every mom blog and pregnancy book I can get my hands on, I have a feeling I should get out of the house more. Apparently, romantic date nights and my lazy Saturdays of reading a book in my backyard for hours are numbered.

Photo: Sabrina Soto/Instagram