Tips for Safe-Guarding Your Car Against Snow & Ice

When you’re a kid, a snow day means staying home from school, drinking hot chocolate, and watching too much television. What’s not to love? But for adults, a snow day usually means a big hassle, especially when it comes to your car. Here, we’ve gathered some top tips to help you get around a little easier this winter.

Swap out your tires. All-season tires help your car perform up to 20 percent better on icy and snowy roads, according to Popular Mechanics. That’s a big percentage when you’re driving precious cargo around day in and day out.


Use a car blanket. As silly as it sounds a car blanket may keep your windshield from cracking in the cold. Bonus: It keeps snow and ice from getting stuck on your windshield, which means a lot less scraping in the morning.

Wash your car at the right time. Road salt can damage your car’s paint job and eventually cause it to rust. But before you rush to the car wash, make sure the temperatures aren’t set to dip below the freezing point of 32 degree F (you don’t want your locks to freeze).

Wax and seal your car. While washing is one way to prevent salt damage waxing is also key to preventing paint corrosion. Also, applying a sealant to the undercarriage of your car can help protect your brake lines. Sealants can be tricky so best leave it to a professional. 

Inspect windshield wipers. With winter weather on the way, your windshield wipers are going to be put to work more frequently. Make sure that they’re in tip top shape and have them replaced if necessary. Check your washer fluid while you’re at it! 


*This post is sponsored by American Family Insurance.