11 Life-Changing Cell Phone Accessories

As much as I hate to admit that I’m dependent on a little gadget, there’s really no getting around it: I would be lost without my cell phone. Not only is it my connection to the outside world and friends aside from the diaper-clad toddler who follows me everywhere, but it’s my meal ticket. I use my smart phone to catch up on work emails so I can spend more time with my kid and less time chained to a desk. It’s my camera for marking memories with the family, the keeper of my endless to-do lists, and the means by which my own mom (who lives about four hours away) can see her granddaughter face-to-face, and often. In short, my cell phone is my lifeline.

But could my smart phone stand to be better with a little help, than it is on its own? Sure! As a busy, exhausted, mistake-making, forgetful, mom-on-the-go, I rely on these eleven life-changing cell phone accessories to keep myself, my family, and my phone at our highest (and cutest!) functional capacity.