Baby Boy Nursery

11 Inspiring Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

Designing a baby boy nursery? Remember to include a place for the baby to sleep, play, and have a diaper change. Then, once you’ve got the basics covered, you’ll need to come up with a plan to actually tie all of those elements together in a stylish way. Sound daunting? Here’s the thing: It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

The best nurseries, in my opinion, blend with your home decor. Whatever style your home decor is — say, modern, bohemian, graphic, or whimsical — can also work for your nursery. A theme isn’t necessary for a beautiful baby boy nursery design, however, you may find it easier to create a space when thinking of a central theme.

So, before you choose the comfortable, expected default of pastels and powder blue for your boy, explore your options. Here, I’ve rounded up some inspiring baby boy nursery ideas that will help you design your dream nursery.

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11 Inspiring Baby Boy Nursery Ideas

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