I’ll Take my Granola al Dente

On the hippie scale, I’m not crunchy granola. I’ve settled right around the spot where chocolate is still included in the mix.


 I have chickens, drive a hybrid, grow a garden, recycle, bake bread, try to eat organically and have been known to wrap presents in newspaper. However, I still need three diet Cokes to get through the day, bake cakes from a mix and couldn’t get the hang of cloth diapers.

Cloth wipes made me gag.

With Earth Day this month, I’ve renewed my efforts to live a more green, sustainable lifestyle.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the rules, to be seduced by all the wares and forget the baby steps we can take to green up our lives such as:

1. Bring reusable bags to the store.

2. Recycle cans, bottles and paper.

3. Plant a few vegetables in pots around your patio or go a bit bigger and plant a full garden.

4. Buy produce and eggs at Farmers Markets.

5. Go meatless once a week.

6. Compost your kitchen scraps for that tiny garden you started in step 3.

7. Buy a Brita and stop buying bottled water.

As for my family, well, this week we’re dusting off the bicycles, putting air in the tires and getting Elizabeth a helmet. After a two year pregnancy/baby hiatus, we’ll once again be using our bikes for quick runs to the store and park.