Easy Last-Minute Halloween Costumes for Total Procrastinators

OK. So you totally dropped the ball. Halloween is here, and you’re likely stuck in one of two scenarios:

1) Elsa costumes are sold out in every physical store in a 60 mile radius around you.

2) She no longer wants to be Elsa, despite the fact that you drove to every physical store in a 60 mile radius around you.

Sound familiar? It’s the exact scenario I’m facing, and it’s the 11th hour. H-day is upon us!

No worries, mama. If like me and you’re not content to just scoot your kiddo out the door as a makeshift witch (for the 3rd year in a row), I’ve got you covered with these creative costume ideas that you can likely throw together with stuff you have around the house.


costumes 02

This mime costume is seriously so, so easy. You probably have everything you need to put it together already! Add some face paint and a charismatic little one and you are good to go! Tutorial and photo via And We Play.

Little Hipster

kids costumes 02

I’m obsessed with this little hipster costume! With a deep V-neck, some rad glasses, and a whole lot of temporary tattoos, you have an instant costume!  Tutorial and photo via Oh Happy Day.

Raggedy Ann

Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Red yarn and an apron are all you need for this Raggedy Anne costume. Tutorial and photo via Design Mom.

Baby Ventriloquist Doll

Easy, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Little wig + suit  and bowtie= baby ventriloquist! Tutorial and photo via Inchmark.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox

kids costumes 03

If your kids are fans of The Fantastic Mr. Fox, this is a perfect and super fun costume! You could even make costumes for the whole family! So fun. Tutorial and photo via Handmade Charlotte.


kids costumes 04

If you have black clothes and some white duct tape you can make this unbelievably easy and fun skeleton costume for the kids. They’ll love it! Tutorial and photo via And We Play.

Little Bat

kids costumes 05

How about a little bat costume? Yes, please! Another really easy costume that your little ones are sure to love! Tutorial and photo via Alpha Mom.

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