101 Easy-to-Make Baby Shower Centerpieces

I’ve gotten to the point in my life where I’ve been to and thrown so many baby showers that it’s hard to distinguish one from the next. Unless you stalk Pinterest like it’s your job (who has the time?!), it’s really hard to find a new theme or decor idea that hasn’t been played out 100 times over in your friend circle (or the idea is so amazing that no one has the time, energy, or cash to pull it off).

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Lately I’ve given up altogether on trying to come up with a hard theme for any showers I’m involved in planning in favor of good food, fun baby shower games, and beautiful centerpieces. You can’t go wrong with fresh and fun floral elements, can you? If you’re in the same boat, or are just trying to find some baby shower centerpieces and ideas that match your mama-to-be perfectly, here are 101 gorgeous ideas to help you out. Check them all out in the slideshow.

More Baby Shower Ideas:


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