St. Patrick's Day Party

St. Patrick’s Day Party Ideas

The great thing about hosting children’s parties is with a little planning and preparation you can give your guests a whole lot of fun and make it an affordable party too. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to throw a children’s party, look no more. St. Patrick’s Day is almost here.

As you plan and prepare for your St. Patrick’s Day party, consider incorporating some of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day kid-friendly party ideas:

Play Hot Potato

Put on some traditional Irish music, get the kids into a circle and pass the potato. When the music stops, the child who is holding the potato is out. The last child sitting is the winner!

Go Green and Gold

From decorations to food, transform your home into a green and gold party space. Serve up macaroni and cheese with green beans and green grapes and offer green Jello Jigglers and gold cupcakes with green frosting for desert. Create your own banner by stringing paper shamrock cutouts together with fishing line or ribbon and use green and gold balloons as decorative accents.

Hit the Parade

Many cities and towns host St. Patrick’s Day parades. Check with your local Irish American Club or consult your local parent’s paper to see if there is a parade in your area.  

Pot of Gold Toss

Pick up a black plastic pot (or use a pot of your own), tape off a line a few feet away and have the kids toss gold-foil wrapped chocolates into it. Give each child a “pot of gold” (plastic pail filled with gold coins) as a prize.

Are you planning on hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party for the kids? Share your best party tips below.

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