Printable SEPTEMBER Calendar for Mums

Each month we bring you an A4 printable calendar for you to download and print to help you simplify and organise the month ahead. There’s room for adding your own activities plus loads of ideas to help you have the best month possible. Last month’s calendar is here.


The September calendar is packed with dinner ideas, activities and ways to connect with family and friends.

Featured Dinner Ideas

3-Step Pumpkin Curry – All you need is a knife, a chopping board and a baking dish. Chop, mix and bake. It will be ready before you know it.

Homemade Tacos – Why use packets of spice when you can whip this taco seasoning up using just four spices.

Quinoa Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard Dressing – A hearty salad that is a meal in itself.

Honey-Soy Glazed Tofu – A simple dish that makes a vegetarian meal so easy to pull together.

Crispy-Skinned Salmon – The cooking method gives the outside of the salmon a slightly crispy texture while allowing the inside to remain moist, juicy, and well, just perfect.

San Choy Bau – This dish from Apple of My Eye is a spin off of the traditional Chinese dish, made just a little bit healthier.

Healthy Oven-Fried Chicken – These lean and juicy oven fried chicken tenders are coated in crispy panko bread crumbs, and baked to crunchy, golden-brown perfection.

Cauliflower and Romesco Sauce Casserole – In this recipe, traditional Romesco sauce—a luscious and hearty red sauce made with roasted red peppers, tomatoes, and almonds—is combined with Parmesan-roasted cauliflower, and baked with bread crumbs to make a wholesome and comforting vegetarian casserole.

Pesto-Crusted Rack of Lamb – Fresh herbs and lamb say Springtime!

And Treats Too

Chocolate, Banana and Zucchini Muffins – A healthy treat that’s perfect for the lunch box

Apricot and Coconut Bliss Balls – This recipe only needs a few ingredients, takes less than 15 mins to prepare and is super-fun to make with your kids.

ABCD Muffins – A recipe from Mumtastic Contributor Lauren from Create Bake Make, there are Thermomix and regular instructions. The ABCD are apples, bananas, cinnamon and dates!

Activities for the Kids

Play the Colours Game – A great one for the park or home, this game gets the kids racing around (and toddlers learning their colours).

Movie Night! – Kids never grow tired of snuggling in for a movie with Mum and Dad (that’s you guys!). We can recommend 25 Movies Dads Will Want to Watch with the Kids (because Dad’s capacity for kids’ flicks can be rather small) and also a great recipe for Movie-Style Popcorn.

Play Junior Masterchef – Kids of all ages love getting into the kitchen, even more so when they are preparing dinner. Start with really simple dish (like toast and eggs!) for your preschooler and let the dishes get more complicated as the kids get more skilled. Play the judges and give feedback and scores for each dish the kids produce.

Drawing Prompts for Inspiration

  • Brother
  • Bounce
  • Classroom
  • Zoo
  • Super hero
  • Colourful
  • The future
  • Television show
  • Cold
  • Bath time
  •  Wilderness
  • Dragon
  • Lake
  • Happy face
  • Hug
  • Dreams

Ideas to Bring Friends and Family Together

Enjoy a Dinner Picnic at the Park – Pack up your dinner and head for the great outdoors. Eating outside is so carefree, so yummy, so SPRING. You could cook up a big pot of Taco mince (see recipe above), place foil on top of the mince, put the accompaniments like taco shells and wraps on top of the foil, put the lid onto the pot and take the lot with you.

Take a Bike Ride – When did you last get the bikes out and go for a jaunt with the fam? Can you jaunt on a bike? No matter – this is a really fun thing to do together, whatever your style.

Play Tour Guide in Your Own Town – Take a friend around the sights you most like to go to… they are sure to find a new place or at the very least you’ll have a super-fun day out together.

Phone a Friend Thursday – It’s hard to make time for friends, but make it a habit to phone a different friend each Thursday for a chat.

Print the Calendar

September printable calendar for mums - Mumtastic

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September 2016 Calendar for Mums -- Mumtastic

Have a great month!

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