85 Genius Cleaning Hacks for Your Home

As much as I want to just skip a deep clean this year, I know it’s not a great idea. I checked the filter in the washing machine, and it was filled with an ungodly sludge that needed to go ASAP. You should check yours too…it’s gross.

Maybe you’ve got a weekend on the calendar already for a serious deep cleaning, or maybe you’re like me and keep putting it off. Either way, giving the house a deep clean is just about the last thing I want to be doing now that it’s finally gorgeous enough to spend an afternoon outside in the sun with my kids. I’ll take all the help I can get!

Most of these cleaning hacks help you save time, money, and in a lot of cases, are eco-friendly. What’s not to love about that? Check them out in the slideshow.

More Cleaning Tips:

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