8 Things Moms Need To Get Us Through Winter

The bone-chilling cold has officially set in, leaving us all to navigate “normal life” in the deep freeze. Thankfully, I’ve found 8 products I can’t live without to get through this winter unscathed. Moms, take note: you’ll want to snatch these all up — these are on my absolute must-list!

1. I’ve never met a cup of coffee that I didn’t spill down my shirt. Even when I am using a supposedly spill-proof, leak-proof mug, somehow the drips fall. This new TOTALLY leak-proof bottle from Camelbak, the Forge ($29), actually lived up to its promise and now accompanies me on every morning school drop-off.




2. Leave it to a mom of three to design the first bag that won’t cause your stroller to tip over once your tot gets out. (Seriously, doesn’t that drive you crazy?!) The SureShop bag from Hatch Things ($16) smartly clips onto the side bars of most any stroller—or any cart or chair, for that matter—but because the center of gravity is no longer swaying precariously, there’s no tipping! It’s a great bag to have tucked in your purse for on-the-spot purchases!


3. This crazy-cozy, crazy-looking “Ostrich” head pillow ($45) makes it so that you can take a nap anywhere, anytime—perfect for airplanes or car rides, since you don’t have to position a pillow “just so”—because the pillow is WRAPPED AROUND YOUR HEAD. (Honestly, it’s awesome. Crazy looking, but it feels amazing.)


4. Why would an ersatz sippy cup be on my hit list right now? Because my children have clearly inherited my propensity for spilling liquids, and when they’re sitting on the couches of family and friends, I don’t want milk dribbling everywhere. That’s why these new Munchkin Miracle 360 Cups ($7 each) are actually worthy of the name—they just don’t leak! Plus, it’s almost like drinking from a “real” cup, so little ones feel grown up, and it’s good for their developing mouth muscles. Both my five-year-old and my seventeen-month-old use these ingenious cups.


5. I’m one of those people who always has to have a ponytail holder on hand, and so I keep at least one wrapped around my wrist. Trouble is, that’s not the most sophisticated “bracelet” to be seen constantly wearing! But these Pulleez Ponytail Holders (from $14) not only elevate your casual ponytail just enough for a polished look in holiday pics, but also if you happen to keep one (or two) around your wrist when they’re not in use, it looks almost like jewelry! The little metal ends come in a ton of cute designs and colors, including silver and gold tone. (There’s even one with tiny, dangling Buddhas!)


6. If I end up with tangled headphones one more time, I think I am going scream. (First world problem!!) There’s nothing worse than digging into your purse to retrieve your iPod, around which you’d carefully wrapped your earbuds, only to find them unwound and all tangled. That’s why these Suction Earbuds ($12) are the ones I want with me this winter. Once they’re suctioned to the screen, no hanky-panky, tangle-tango can take place!


7. I hosted Thanksgiving dinner this year, so we dragged out our metal folding chairs so that everyone could have a seat the table. And the operative word here is DRAG. Of course, I didn’t want to scratch up our wood floors, so these totally wacky—but totally brilliant—Nancy Protectz Furniture Socks (8 for $12) were tiny little lifesavers. Pull one on each of the chair legs and they’ll drag smoothly, not squeakily. They come in a range of colors to match any chair you may have!


8. There’s something about shopping that makes me ravenous. And since I’m trying to eat healthy in the new year, having a sweet but satisfying snack tucked into my bag can help me stay away from the leftover popovers, pastries, and peppermint candy canes. These That’s It fruit bars ($20 for 12) are kind of like grown-up fruit leather, with a lot more fruit in them. In fact, that’s all there is in each bar: fruit. Nothing else!! Each has 100 calories but tastes so delicious. I love the apple-blueberries combo. Side benefit: No hunger pangs also means no rash purchases! 



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