How to Fix Your Smelly Washing Machine, Stat!

Clorox for the Holidays

Okay, moms, it’s time for some real talk. 

We’ve got a lot on our plates. We’re juggling kids, schedules (theirs and ours!), and a hundred household chores. We’re working at home. Or out of home. Or not working, but managing so much that it more than qualifies as a full time job (or two). If you’re like me, you just can’t be Super Mom 100% of the time, regardless of how much you may want to be, and stuff slips through.

My repeat offense? The laundry. Specifically, I have a horrible tendency to leave it in the washer longer than I’d care to admit. To those who feel like not a huge faux pas I say: You haven’t met my washing machine yet. It gets mustier faster than any I’ve ever encountered before, and when it does, it is strong. Like, hits-you-the-second-you-walk-into-the-laundry-room-and-leaves-you-wondering-if-that’s-your-machine-or-a-giant-hoarded-pile-of-your-husband’s-dirty-socks-strong. With the holidays coming up, I have to be more vigilant than ever because, let’s face it: no guest wants their towels and linens to be freshened with eau de mildew.

But there’s an easy fix and it’s right under your nose: your trusty laundry partner in crime (and household must-have), Clorox® Bleach.

With Clorox® Bleach, cleaning your washing machine and getting rid of any musty odors is laughably easy.


Step 1: With your washing machine completely empty, simply add Clorox® Regular Bleach to your washing machine’s bleach dispenser, filling it to the maximum level for your machine.

Step 2: Put your washing machine water setting on “Hot”, and let it run the cycle.

Step 3: Follow up with an all whites load or run an additional empty cycle to ensure no color clothes come in contact with residual bleach.

Et voila! You can pat yourself on the back for all of the “hard” work you put into fighting off washing machine grossness!

Now, get your Pin buttons ready! I’ve included a quick infographic below to help remind you to keep on cleaning your machine. Add this process to your weekly cleaning “to do” list, or use it as needed—no judgments here, no matter how you use it!

 How to Clean Your Washing Machine with Clorox Bleach - SO EASY! It only takes a minute - let the bleach and machine do the work for you!

Photo and Infographic by Maddy of Splendid Supply Co. for Momtastic and Clorox.

This post was sponsored by Clorox

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