Sat dachshund at Carnival party - head up.

Plan an End of Summer Party With The Secret Life of Pets 2 and This Mom-Approved Activity Kit

Sat dachshund at Carnival party – head up.

It’s so hard to believe that summer is coming to a close! I definitely love back-to-school as much as the next mom, but I’m also trying to find a few extra reasons to sneak in some last summer celebrations. I’m going to miss those slow, lazy days, simple gatherings, and backyard movie nights. So to celebrate the end of summer and to welcome the fall season, how about a little party?!

It just so happens that we’ve got another perfect reason to celebrate — one that my kids have been anxiously awaiting for weeks now. Everybody’s favorite animals will be back on August 27th, when Secret Life of Pets 2 comes home on DVD, Blu-ray and digital! They’re dying to see what Max, Snowball, and the rest of the gang are up to. So I’m planning on keeping them occupied with an impromptu puppy themed party at our house in the meantime.

The best part of it all? Everything you need to throw a shindig of your own is right here in this mom-approved Pet Party Planner! I’m talking recipes, decorations, activities, and more. So if you hear “party” and immediately panic — don’t worry, we have got you covered.

Snacks for Your Peeps

Let’s be real — I mostly plan parties for the food, and I’ve never met an appetizer I didn’t like. And don’t even get me started on desserts! We’ve got a handful of recipes for you and your guests that are pretty much a guaranteed hit. Hello, burrata anyone? Sweet Pea’s Peaches and Burrata recipe looks totally fancy but it only requires a few key ingredients and even a novice chef can whip it up in less than 10 minutes. It’s bound to be a crowd pleaser!

And for a sweet treat that the kids can help with, try Chloe’s Magic Vanilla Sugar Cookies. You can mix the dough and the kiddos can help add the sprinkles or decorations of their choice. Pair them with Max’s Calming Iced Tea — it’s a minty, refreshing mixture that perfectly complements every recipe in the planner!

Snacks for Your Pups

Since we’re throwing a puppy party, it’s only fair to make some treats for our four-legged friends, too! Our little chiweenie Coco has a major thing for bacon, and I’m going to have to hold her back from gobbling up all of the Doggie Donuts. Check out these recipes for your pups.

Delicious-looking Pupsicles are also a perfect way to help your pup cool off if in the end of summer heat. Easy, nutritious, and refreshing. (Not to mention that the pretty layers are so heavenly to look at, you’ll be tempted to snag this pup treat for yourself!)

Check out the Pet Party Planner for lots more recipes for pets and people!

Easy Party Decor

My favorite kind of DIY party decor is the kind that you just print and cut! It’s so easy to make your celebration look pulled-together and seamless. The Pet Party Planner has everything from food labels to banners, so you can really customize the look of your party.

Even better, get the kiddos involved! You can do the printing and they can do the cutting. It’s a perfect activity to tackle together during your party prep.

To create the banners, simply cut along the dotted lines, then tape the flags to a length of string. Add as many flags as you like to lengthen your banner. Hang it up!

To create the food labels, place cards, cut and fold in half according to the printed directions. Add a toothpick to the food labels and write in the space provided.

Plan an End of Summer Party With Secret Life of Pets 2 and This Mom-Approved Activity Kit

Fun Party Activities

I love having some fun activities around during a party to keep the kids entertained, especially before the movie begins if it’s a movie night! The Pet Party Planner has a whole slew of awesome pages that your kiddos will love to use.

Place some crayons and pencils on a table, along with a stack of sheets from the planner, and let them go wild! The kit has coloring pages, mazes, word scrambles and lots more. Download the Pet Party Planner to access all of the fun options.

For a little more creativity, set up a party hat station and let kids make their own hats! Check out the how-to video below.

And every party needs a goodie bag for guests to take home their treasures! These animal-themed bags are simple to make with just a few materials, and kids can use them to tote their hats, coloring sheets, and treats around in.

Have a Fab Puppy Party!

Will you and your family be watching Secret Life of Pets 2 on August 27? Either way, I think a celebration is definitely in order. Let’s say goodbye to summer in style. Woof!

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