Williams Sonoma's Harry Potter Collection

The 10 Best Items from Williams Sonoma’s Harry Potter Collection

I’ve been a loyal Harry Potter fan since I discovered the books in London back in 2001, and my 8-year-old daughter became a full Potterhead this summer when she devoured all of the latest books. We’re always on the lookout for the latest unique ways to incorporate our love of Hogwarts into our home and now, after releasing their first Harry Potter collection last year, Williams Sonoma has done it again, giving us a brand new collection of exclusive products. What began as a collection of spatulas and aprons has expanded to include water bottles, kitchen towels, cookie cutters, already-baked cakes, and more! The expanded set even includes snacks, like lemon sherbets (Dumbledore’s fave) and delicious cakes.

Obviously, all 38 items of Williams Sonoma’s Harry Potter Collection should go on your holiday wish list as soon as possible, but I have 10 that should be your top priority.



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