14 Adorable Alphabet Baby Nursery Decor Ideas

In a baby nursery, the simplest touches sometimes have the most impact. And realistically, parents of newborns can barely find the time to sleep, let alone spend hours decorating a nursery! That’s why alphabet baby nursery decor ideas are practical – many of them don’t require hours to DIY or major amounts of money to purchase. And as a bonus, they’re educational!

I loved decorating both of the nurseries for my daughters. After the initial surprise of hearing the baby’s heartbeat, seeing each girl on the ultrasound, and celebrating at the baby shower, there wasn’t a lot to fill the time while we waited for the birth. But the walls were like a blank canvas and once I picked a baby nursery paint color and put up one or two posters and murals, the rooms felt finished. And the ABC nursery decor touches were as eye-catching as they were educational.

Whether your baby’s room is covered with bears and bunnies, has a classic feel, or is a unique mix of artsy pieces, these alphabet baby nursery decor ideas add accents in a sweet way.


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