11 Fun Spanish Games for Kids That’ll Sharpen Their Language Skills

My parents spoke fluent Spanish growing up, yet lost it when they started school, intermingling with their English-speaking friends. A bit of history (not to get too heavy): Back then (like way back), speaking Spanish was seen as a setback, especially in California, which had weird tension with the huge population of Hispanics becoming more of a mainstay in non-Latino neighborhoods. These are the days of yesteryear, and now speaking Spanish fluently can open many doors for our children, especially in the work force. And don’t worry: Both my parents re-learned Spanish as adults and speak it muy purfecto.

Of course, holding on to this beautiful language is what we wish for our niños and niñas. One of the annoyances my fellow mamas have is that the loss can start as soon as the kids start to socialize. Starting school holds its own set of challenges. I volunteer at the school library, and I see how these kids struggle to find the right book for their language abilities. This means learning how to help our kids keep up with their Spanish-speaking skills falls on us, the parents. Many of my Spanish-speaking friends have turned to books, apps, and games in order to keep their household a two-language casa. And thankfully there are many tools to do this—fun and downright cool ones that help our kids fine tune the language of their grandparents while also perfecting their English. Here are my favorite Spanish games for kids that’ll sharpen their language skills. Check them out in the slideshow.


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