Kate Gosselin Says Reality TV Didn’t Kill Her Marriage

Former reality star Kate Gosselin says that her marriage to Jon would’ve ended even if they weren’t on TV.

During an interview with Katie Couric, the mom of eight revealed that her marriage had plenty of other stress – not just the pressure of the rolling cameras in their house 24/7.

“A lot of people try to pin reality TV and say, ‘My gosh. It ended in divorce. Big surprise.’ We went through a lot. The signs were always there, and obviously having eight kids in a short span of time didn’t help that. And I’m not at all blaming my kids, I’m just saying. . .”

The couple split after ten years together, but she says the signs were there early on. “I know the red flags were always there. So looking back, had you never heard the names Jon and Kate Gosselin, I’m certain that I would be in that spot now. It’s hard because like any mom I just want the best for my kids.”

Kate is hoping to get back to reality TV, but this time on a dating style show! Kate shared that her kids are anxious for her to move on and start dating and she’s hoping to do it in the public eye.

“After a few years in realizing my barriers to dating and all of that and loving TV and the experiences. I just feel like honestly, yes, that was my idea. I would do it [so] it could be watched by families and my children. But I think that it would be fun because that would allow me to sort of meet people, have fun, show my fun side — I do have one. I’m not always barking orders! And so to sort of do that, I do, I think it would be really fun.”

Do you want to see a “Kate on a date” type reality series? Do you miss watching her and the kids on TV?

Photos by WENN