Get Untangled with these Cool Organizers

We all know technology is supposed to simplify our lives, right? So why then, do it’s accessories always seem leave us in a tangled mess or disappear from us whenever we need them the most? These unique organizers will help keep you on track.


I don’t know about you, but I have a really scary drawer in my desk where I throw all the cables, wires and adapters that are supposed to pair smoothly with each electronic device that I own. But I have to confess, sometimes when I need to perform a simple task, like downloading images from my camera or cell phone onto my laptop, charging my iPhone or connecting to another device to update software, etc, locating the correct cable or accessory can feel like a scavenger hunt that leaves me with a headache.

What I love about all these products from Cocoon Innovations, is that their design is simple and they work great at keeping all your electronic accessories organized and untangled, so they’re always right at your fingertips whenever you need them! And if you need a unique gift idea for that person who already seems to have everything, any one of these products might just be the answer!



This first Grid-It organizer is targeted specifically at keeping small accessories organized while traveling or whenever you’re on the go, plus it’s portable size makes it really easy to take with you. But when I first saw this, I  thought it would also work great as a school organizer for your kids, to help keep all those pencils and other small school accessories from getting lost in the abyss at the bottom of their school backpacks.




And this company hasn’t forgotten the fast growing Tablet or iPad market either, because that’s exactly what this smart Tablet Organizer is specifically designed for and it’s well priced too.



altThis compactly designed Starlet iPhone Case is made of real leather and is designed with a place in the back for a couple of credit cards or other small items. It also features a headphone port too, which allows you to keep your headphones plugged in when removing the phone, in addition to an optional detachable wrist strap.