Celebrity Snippets: Random Bits Of Entertainment News 8/20

Quick snippets of the hottest celebrity news of the day!

  • Rosie O’Donnell shared that she suffered a heart attack last week, but searching online for symptoms and taking a Bayer aspirin helped to save her life! The talk show hostess shared that she’s doing well now after having a stent inserted after doctors found that her coronary artery was 99 percent blocked.
  • Legendary comedian Phyllis Diller has passed away today at the age of 95.
  • Director Tony Scott (Top Gun, Days of Thunder) has died following a jump off of an L.A. bridge yesterday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and two children. Rumors are swirling that Tony had recently found out he had inoperable brain cancer.
  • Oscar-winning actress Hillary Swank has split from her beau of five years, John Campisi.
  • Kelly Ripa shared that her new permanent co-host will be announced on the air on September 4th. Kelly has been testing out a long list of potential co-stars since Regis parted ways with the show back in November.
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