Clever Repurposed Wall Art

Are you tired of hanging the same old predictable artwork on your walls? Do you enjoy things that are a bit whimsical and also put recycling to good use? Then read on.


The talents of Heather Roth, along with her love of finding great salvaged items, resulted in the creation of Salvage Design Company. All materials are sourced from old barns and things she finds that people throw away in their back alleys which she then carefully hand refurbishishes to create this unique wall art.


altHey, if this doesn’t get your attention when you walk into a room, then I am not sure anything will. The utter simplicity and endearing charm of this Hey Wall Art is what makes this piece so appealing.



altAnd hanging this clever heart piece on your wall, will always remind that special someone in your life, that they are your one and only, now and forever. Or just keep this in mind to give later as the perfect Valentine’s Day Present.




And who can’t relate to the feeling of having experienced a broken heart? Need I say more? Have some fun choosing the perfect place to hang this Love Hurts statement.