As Long as They’re Happy

They were even more impressed when she looked at Elizabeth’s rash and pronounced it was probably just from the heat. They stared at her with wide eyes and nodded their heads knowingly.


Because, yes. Now that I have a nurse sister, I’m going to ask such questions.

And because I’m her older sister, she’s still emailing me whether or not she should eat poppyseed muffins while pregnant.

It’s interesting seeing my sisters grow into their lives. I’d never peg one sister as a social work, one sister as a nurse and photographer, one sister as a make up artist. And yet, that’s where their lives have taken them.

Of course, they probably never pegged me for a writer either. A professional reader, yes. Writer, no.

And I never thought my sisters would be jumping out of airplanes, dating male models, riding motorcycles, or become vegan.

Sometimes, I watch the next generation and wonder where life is going to take them. What will Elizabeth do when she grows up? Will Joseph continue to want to be a fireman or will he be a Lego engineer? Will Elizabeth be an ob/gyn? Will she deliver babies? Will she be a mom? Will Joseph be a dad?

As long as they’re happy, that’s all that matters.

And I keep my fingers crossed that they don’t get tattoos, jump out of airplanes, ride a motorcycle.

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