Gift Ideas For A New Baby

Choosing the perfect gift is not always easy but the suggestions below should give you some ideas.


New mums can never have too many baby clothes.  If you’ve had a newborn yourself you’ll know it’s not uncommon to go through several clothing changes in a day.  Most people choose newborn size or 0-3 months.  Sleepsuits and body suits are often most useful to new parents as this is what their baby will be in most of the time, and there are a wide variety of designs you can choose from.

Money or Gift Vouchers

There are bound to be some things the new parents still need for their baby so money or gift vouchers for a baby shop are always appreciated.  This way they can put them towards larger items they still need to buy in the future.


There are many toys which are suitable from birth so choose something you like the look of.  Toys which make sounds are always fun for babies.  A toy which attaches to the baby’s pram or car seat is always a useful gift.

Sling or Baby Wrap

Many new mothers find slings and baby wraps incredibly useful but might not have bought one for themselves before the birth.  Babies love being close to their mother and so they get a good cuddle while mum has free hands to do other things.  Even if you’re not sure if the parents have bought a sling already, it doesn’t hurt to buy one because having several is useful for when one is in the wash.

Be Creative

If you have the ability, why not hand knit a pair of baby socks, booties or a cardigan?  This is a lovely item which can become a keepsake for the baby.   Other artistic ideas are a quilt, or a painting for the baby’s nursery.


If you are in touch with other family members, you could always ask what the new parents need or haven’t already got.  Avoid bulky items that parents would only need one of, such as nappy bins, bouncers, baby gyms and sterilisers (unless you specifically know they don’t have one already).  The reason for this is that they may already have one, and if they do another is just going to take up a lot of space and potentially need to be exchanged in a store, causing unnecessary hassle.

Present for Mum

New mothers have gone through a lot, and so it’s always nice to show you care.  Consider some flowers, chocolates, or pampering bath items, such as a luxurious bath soak, body scrub or hair treatment.  If you know the mother intends to breastfeed, a pashmina or breastfeeding top in her size is a lovely, personal gift.


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