St. Patrick’s Day Wine Pairings-Enjoy More Than Green Beer

However, like any other holiday, or day for that matter, I drink wine. What can I say? It’s my thing!

I found some favorite, traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipes from all around the web and paired wines with each dish here. Just click on each link to check out the recipes! What is your favorite dish to eat on St. Patrick’s Day? 

Corned Beef & Cabbage

This traditional St. Patrick’s Day recipe is briny and salty. Corned beef is a brisket cut of beef soaked and seasoned in brine consisting of salt, sugar and spices.  

Wine pairings for this dish:


Riesling (try a sweet German Riesling to cut through the brininess!)



Beer & Cheddar Soup

My friend Ashley over at My Front Porch Swing has this to die for Beer & Cheddar soup! Just because it has lager beer in it doesn’t mean we can’t pair wine with this soup!

Wine pairings for this dish:


Sauvignon Blanc (try a New Zealand one!)

Viognier (try one from California!)


Irish Lamb Stew

Martha’s delicious lamb stew, loaded with dark beer, potatoes and carrots is an excellent dish to make this St. Patrick’s Day. It’s rich, filling and satisfying! I personally like a red wine with nice tannin to cut the fat in the lamb.

Wine pairings for this dish:

Cabernet Sauvignon



Irish Beef Hand Pies

I love these beef hand pies. All the goodness of a traditional beef and potato stew wrapped up in pastry deliciousness! My kids might actually eat these! While a nice tannic Cabernet will go nicely with these pies, you can also get away with a lighter red wine as well.

Wine pairings for this dish:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Pinot Noir

Garnacha (from Spain)

Simple Shepherd’s Pie

I love this super simple Shepherd’s Pie recipe. It’s family friendly and done in about 30 minutes!

Wine pairings for this dish:


Chardonnay (Try an oaked chardonnay from California to stand up to the beef)

Rosé (Try one from Italy!)

Irish Cream Swirl Brownie Recipe

Don’t forget the dessert! Fudge brownie mix with cream cheese & Irish cream liqueur? Yes please! Don’t forget the rule when pairing wines with dessert! Sweet with sweet!!

Wine pairings for this dish:

Ruby Port

Banyuls (A sweet Southern French dessert wine)


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


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