Jason Segel Talks Thanksgiving And First Kisses With Rachael Ray

‘The Muppets’ star Jason Segel shares his Thanksgiving plans and more with Rachael Ray.


Jason’s Thanksgiving plans:

“I’m going to finally spend some time with my family. It’s amazing. And then we’re going to–probably–Thursday or Friday, or both, go see the Muppet movie because it’s two hours where we won’t have to talk to each other. We can just sit in silence. I cook at home but my parents are the big Thanksgiving chefs. They love it. They do some serious cooking. My dad is obsessed with experimenting with turkey styles. So we usually have the traditional turkey, a fried turkey, and then a turducken, all side by side.”

Jason on his favorite Muppet:

“To me it was always Kermit. I always try and think of a cooler answer so I seem like the Muppet Guy who knows weird Muppet stuff. [Kermit] He’s Tom Hanks! When you’re a little kid, he’s the everyman. He’s in the tradition of Bob Hope and Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks. He really is who I wanted to be when I was a kid.”

Jason on his first kiss:

“My first kiss actually, funny enough was with an exchange student who lived next door. A little British girl. Yeah, ’cause they go away! I kissed her and she said ‘You make me feel like Cinderella!’”

If he could be a superhero:

“I think I’d stick with my regular name, Jason. I’d go with Super Jason. Fair enough. I would definitely wear a cape. A little known fact about me is I wore a Superman cape under my clothes until I was twelve years old. This is true. In case there was danger. I don’t know–I was always a super weird kid. My super power would be–I’ve thought a lot about this actually–it would be unlimited pocket space. They look like regular pockets. But you guys get to have a purse. I have so much stuff I’m carrying these days with modern technology. And I like to have a slim look in my jeans.”

You can catch Jason’s full interview on the Rachael Ray Show tomorrow, November 23rd!