MTV’s Awkward Is Brillz

It's no secret that teens are a mystery. Even though we were all teenagers it seems that once you move out of those years your ability to understand them drops exponentially.


The other day in Peets I overheard one girl telling another that she "had staged a carefrontation because her bestie was heading down a shame spiral over this barney when really all she needed to do was have a kick back and obvi she would find someone someone that she wouldn't have to nancy drew his every move."

Yeah, I was lost too. In fact I was so lost I actually asked the girl what she had just said. I admit, I knew her so it wasn't as creepy as it sounds. The translation: the girl I know had told her best friend she was being silly to be so upset over a dud of a guy and if they just had a small get together she would find someone else and she wouldn't have to over analyze his every move. 

It seems now more then ever teenagers have a language all to them selves and we, as adults are just trying to understand what they are telling us. It is partly this secret language born of texting and instant message that MTV hopes will draw a teen-centric audience, as well as adults trying to understand them, to their new scripted show "Awkward". Centered around the character of Jenna the show follows her through high school as she falls for the cute guy, rebounds from a tragic accident and misunderstanding, and ultimately starts to feel more confident in who she is. Besides offering up a visual dictionary of sorts for parents the show also taps into the universally felt humor that being in high school creates.

I fully admit there are times when I think "what if I could go back to High School knowing what I know now; but besides the dread of 8 am classes I honestly believe I would end up feeling that TIA.

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