Have a Fun Filled 4th of July on a Budget

4th of July is coming up in just a few days. It’s a day, for many, where you celebrate with family and friends! There’s usually a picnic or barbecue of sorts and of course…fireworks after the sun goes down! What if times are tough right now though? Should you bail on the festivities? No way! You can totally do 4th of July on a budget, it might even be more fun.



Do you usually go to a local fair or fairgrounds? Spend the day at a waterpark or carnival? This year, you’ll stay home or go to your local park. No entrance fees or high priced fair ground deep fried twinkies. Instead, invite the fun to you! Invite your friends and family to come celebrate at your home and pull out the sprinkler and the barbecue grill.


Gone are the days where you need to shoulder the entire cost of every shindig you throw. Make it  a potluck and wipe that guilt away. Most people want to bring something to get togethers believe it or not. This time of year you can find brisket or ribs for super cheap. You provide the meat and delegate the sides, desserts and drinks to your attendees.


Pull out the sprinkler and let the kids get into their swimsuits and play! For the adults you can play card games or board games or just enjoy each others company. There’s no need to pay to see fireworks either. In many cases, you can see a display (or several! My parents can see 4-5 different fireworks displays from their backyard each year!) from your own backyard or pull over onto the side of the road near a site that is shooting off fireworks.

There’s no reason to worry that you won’t have an enjoyable 4th of July just because money is a bit tight. Enjoy the day with your family and friends and enjoy celebrating your independence!