Bridesmaids Sneak Peek Review

Positioned as a “female version” of “The Hangover” (a movie I am reluctant to admit I found mindlessly hilarious!) Bridesmaids is definitely written with a female audience in mind, so don’t let the similarities deter you from seeing it, even if you felt like The Hangover was too much for you!

Bridesmaids is less raunchy, however, it is another Judd Apatow production, so you will recognize parallels in the style and humor for sure. There is also quite a bit of locker room language so take heed if you do not want your kids exposed to it.

In keeping with the feminine centric feel Bridesmaids is told from a woman’s point of view. The plot hinges on deciphering and exposing all the ridiculously arduous, and oftentimes hilarious rituals that seem to universally be part of planning a wedding. In contrast to The Hangover, which consisted mostly of slapstick style raunchiness, Bridesmaids has some of that humor but also keeps a few developing friendships and love stories winding through the plot. These backstories add a bit more depth to the movie.

Kristen Wiig of SNL stars in a breakout role, and to add to her credits, also had a hand in co-writing the script for this film.

The plot begins with the character Annie (played by Wiig) having apparently hit rock bottom in her personal life. As the fates would have it, at the exact moment she bottoms out she is called upon to take on the overwhelming role of Maid of Honor for her lifelong childhood friend, Lillian (played by Maya Rudolph another SNL alum).  And perhaps because of their work together at SNL, the chemistry between Wiig and Ruldoph made their relationship completely believable.

The movie is built around small vignettes about the dynamics and “push-pull” that always co-exists in relationships, and here, more specifically, with the women involved in orchestrating the wedding. What makes this movie fun is to observe how many of these seemingly mundane occurrences result in sidesplitting situations that will keep most everyone laughing.

This movie was a relaxing opportunity to take a step back, without being emotionally involved, and laugh at ourselves just a little. Almost everyone will be able to relate to how crazy we can get over the little things that go on during the course of planning a wedding.

The movie clocks in at about 2 hours with an “R” rating, but my personal assessment is unless you are easily offended by remarks about sex the movie really could have garnered a PG-13 rating.

Be forewarned however, at the beginning of the movie there is a sex scene between Annie and the character of Ted (played by Jon Hamm). The scene turns out to be both playful and hilarious at the same time and these types of scenes do not comprise the bulk of this movie. The Wilson Phillip’s song “Hold On” at the end of the movie is also a nice addition.

I would highly recommend this movie as a great “Girl’s Night Out” movie, or appropriate for a Mother/Teenaged Daughter activity that would be a fun thing to see together. And guys, if the woman in your life wants you to go see this movie with her, my vote would be to say “yes”, the plot is balanced enough to be entertaining for almost everyone (kids under 15 excluded)!

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