How To Combat Frugal Fatigue

Times are tough and they sure do not seem to be improving quickly. Frugal living has become more mainstream, although not by personal preference in many situations. We have buckled down for so long now, that it is tempting to want to buck responsibility and live it up a bit. Frugal fatigue is a bona fide concern and has the likliehood to be very dangerous.


Imagine you were on a restrictive diet and you shed 75 pounds. You look amazing, you feel fantastic and you know that you are exactly where you need to be. Only problem is that you no longer desire to keep up your newly learned habits and healthy lifestyle. You want to stay fabulously thin, but go back to the lackadaisacal lifestyle you maintained prior to your drastic weight loss. Logically, we know that that is not possible. You will quickly gain back those pesky pounds you worked so hard to lose and unfortunately end up right back at square one.

The same is true for loosening our belts on our budgets. It took a long time to learn to live a frugal lifestyle and trust me; you do not want to downward spiral again! Here are 5 ways to ease your frugal fatigue and keep your debt slim and your bank account healthy:

  1. Work some indulgence into your budget-If you plan for it you can spend it. Read more about planning for splurges, and the 3 splurges you should include in your budget.
  2. Explore the world around you-Tired of the same old same old monotony of your budget conscious lifestyle? There is no need to be boring with a budget. Get on the internet and search for free activities and events in the city nearest you. Live in a small town? Start a book club or a walking group.
  3. Make sure your budget is realistic-How much are you putting into savings each month? Some people have the desire to chuck as much money into savings as possible each month, not taking into account that living for today is just as important as saving for tomorrow. Grab your red pen and go line by line to make sure that your budget really makes sense. You might be frugally fatigued because you are pushing yourself into a financial situation that is just not sensible for where you are in life right now.
  4. Remind yourself of your goals-Anxious to pay cash for your next vehicle? Giddy to retire at 50? Crunch the numbers and see for yourself the progress you have already made being diligent about your budget thus far. Keep your eyes on the prize!
  5. Look for alternate sources of income-If your budget is sensible, you have fun factored in and you still are feeling the need to buyout the nearest shoe store…maybe you need to look at stretching your income. Turn a passion into a hobby, search for a second job. It’s not ideal to stretch yourself thin, but if you are really unhappy with your current financial predicament, the solution is not to chuck the budget out the window. Take steps to improve and increase your income.

Take care not to allow frugal fatigue to get the best of you. Likewise, do not think you are alone. We all have those days/weeks/months where we are sick of trying. I even go to the grocery store sans coupons sometimes (if you know me, you know how shocking that is!). It can be therapeutic to ease off a bit, just be careful not to cross the line. Your wallet and your bank account will thank you for it!