Fun Kitchen Gift Ideas – For Her

We busy parents always seem to be pressed for time as we cook for our families. Here are a handful of fun gift ideas that will help make time in the kitchen easier and more delightful.  

I own everything on this list, (except the travel press mug, which I must remember to tell my husband I want). Really, there’s nothing on this list I don’t think is a must-have!   A few of them could even fit in a stocking! Happy Holidays!

 And here’s where to look for some of these great finds!

1.Rice Cooker & Warmer – From Zojirushi @ $120

2. SmartStick brushed chrome hand blender – From Cuisinart @ $29.95

3. Stainless Steel Ice Cream/Cookie Dough Scoops – From Sur La Table @ $17 to $18 each

4.Silicon Garden Spatula Spoons – From Le Creuset @ $11.99 each

5. Stainless Steel Travel Mugs – From Bodum @ $29.95

6. Cast Iron Stove Top Grill– From Le Creuset @ Macy’s $119.99















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