Bedroom for a World Traveler

Between maps and collections from your own travels, your kid’s bedroom or nursery can be a worldly experience.


1. Room with map from Flickr

2. Train station print from Herb Filmore on Etsy

3. Atlas tapestry from Urban Outfitters

4. Hot air balloon from Flickr

5. Picture frame from Concentric on Etsy

6. Vintage school globe from Loneta Grace's shop on Etsy

7. Decal from Wow Wall on Etsy

If you haven’t found a way to display the souvenirs from your own travels, your little one’s bedroom might be the perfect place. Anything untouchable should go on a high shelf. For an added touch, maps of all shapes, colors, and sizes can be much more fun than wallpaper! What makes the room even more fun, is that your child’s own collection can be added in as he or she experiences the world.