9 Best Kids Hairstyle Hacks on YouTube

Sure, I’m a hair-brushing pro (I’ve mastered untangling hair atop the most unbelievably sensitive head) and I can scoop up a ponytail like no one’s business. Braids? I’ve got those locked down, too. But, well…what else is there, anyway? I’ve seen some really fancy looking hairstyles at drop off in the morning and have often wondered just who had time to do that? Certainly not me. It turns out that those kids’ moms might not have had the time either, but they had the right tutorials.

I went down the rabbit hole of hunting down the best kids hairstyle hacks out there and was impressed by how quickly one could really do their kids’ hair with impressive results. These kids hairstyle hacks will make you wonder why you didn’t just think of them yourself.


1. Chasing Waterfalls

Braids are always cute, but a few twists, if you will, take a basic braid in an entirely different direction. This waterfall braid is easy to master—it’s just one maneuver repeated several times over, culminating with a traditional braid. How adorable, right?

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2. Not So Complicated


Isn’t it fun to show off a look that appears over-the-top complex—you know, as if you spent hours on it? Yet the truth is that this fishtail braid takes all of a few minutes to master, and it only requires two sections of hair instead of the usual three.

3. A Quick Twist

No matter how old you are, growing out bangs is a tedious process. Kids, in particular, may get irritated by wispy hairs falling into their eyes all day long. This cute twist style differs slightly from what you might expect—with effortlessly pretty, long-lasting results.

4. Multi Ponytails


I’m tempted to try this multiple ponytail look on myself, but I’m afraid I’m no longer four years old, so I’ll save it for my kids. Easy, precious, and downright girly, it’s just unusual enough to transform basic pigtails into something far more special.

5. Three in One

If you’re capable of putting hair in a ponytail, braiding hair, and twisting it up into a bun, then you probably won’t have any trouble with this style. Sophisticated yet youthful, it’s even something you might consider wearing on a night out.

6. Unevenly Chic

You know how it can be difficult to achieve a perfectly neat, even part? This hairstyle celebrates the beauty of the zigzag part, making it totally okay—and actually necessary—to achieve this look by being a little messy. The end result, though, is just plain pretty.

7. Sock It To Me

For this little experiment, you’ll need an elastic, a few bobby pins, and a…sock. You’re probably familiar with the concept of the sock bun, so you may not be shocked by its inclusion—but you will be surprised by how very easy it is to achieve this bun.

8. Twists and Turns

Ponytails are easy, no doubt, but there’s something really special about one that looks enormously difficult to achieve yet takes all of two minutes to style. This one (whether or not you use the Topsy Tail tool mentioned—it’s lovely either way) is a great example.

9. Kiddie Chignons

The older I get, the more it seems people suggest putting my hair up in a “loose chignon” is the way to go—for essentially every occasion. My answer is always no because I’m not the chignon type, but this toddler version wins big for being so easy and so age appropriate.

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