Stylish Picks for Moms With Toddlers on the Go

As my oldest son transitioned from baby to toddler, I’ll admit to shedding a tear while cleaning out his closet as we packed away clothes that no longer fit. Transitioning from baby to toddler can sometimes bring on different waves of mixed emotions, but mainly loads of fun for you and your growing child.

One great part of transitioning from a baby to toddler is the fact that you get to lighten up your everyday bag. What was once a cumbersome diaper bag can now be transitioned into a smaller, chic bag to carry toddler essentials. While you get to toss those pacis and bottles, you now have a whole new round of necessities to tote around. I’ve rounded up 6 stylish essentials that I always keep on hand when I’m out and about with my toddler.  Check them out in the slideshow above.


More Diaper Bag Essentials: