Handmade Halloween Style For Boys

I have a weakness for handmade items… especially when Holidays are involved. Thanks to Etsy and Pinterest, everyone has handmade goodies at their fingertips.


Halloween is a fun Holiday for the kids, especially now that my boys are getting older. Sure they love to dress-up but a lot of the handmade items that I’ve found can easily be work beyond Halloween. After all, boys love monsters, super heroes, dressing as their favorite character and scaring the daylights out of their siblings… and mom.

Here are my favorite handmade treasures for Halloween 2011!

Handmade Halloween Style For Boys

Dynamite Dinosaur Play Cape

Having a hard time finding a costume that can easily double as dress-up or even a chilly night’s extra layer? I adore this.

Super Hero Cape Buzz Lightyear Jetpack

Yep. I will be ordering a few of these. Both my 1 and 3-year-old squealed with joy when they saw this one.

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Handmade Halloween Style For Boys

Frankenstein Tee

I know you’re not supposed to dress your child in Halloween garb in the springtime but this is a classic that can easily be worn year round.


Okay… this one is a little more specific for Halloween but isn’t it adorable!?


Handmade Halloween Style For Boys

Black Skulls Tie Shirt

This can totally be worn year-round… even with the orange and black colors. Right?

Spider Tee

This stole my heart. I love the simple look paired with the collared tee under it. Again, another tee that can be work year-round.


Handmade Halloween Style For BoysPumpkin Hat

This hat would be perfecto for a new baby boy! And perfect for all of fall.

Superhero Cape

We have three of these. I cannot say enough wonderful things about them and my boys wear them about 6 out of 7 days in a week.


Handmade Halloween Style For BoysHalloween Neck Tie

Another adorable accessory for your lil’ man that can easily be worn year-round. Especially if you get the argyle or skull necktie.