Father’s Day Gifts That Are as Fun for the Kids as They Are for Dad

My husband and I try to make Mother’s Day and Father’s Day great for one another, but we find that for us, it really ends up being all about the kids. I love incorporating our children into the festivities. My son enjoys helping make a fun, fancy breakfast on Father’s Day morning and also helps pick out the gift for his dad every year. This year I thought it would be extra special to get a few Father’s Day gifts that are great for both my kids and their dad.

Here are a few sweet Father’s Day gift ideas that are just as fun for dad as they are for the kids:

The Cooper Kit ($65)

LTFL-May-Editorial_33 First, my favorite gift idea ever is The Cooper Kit by Cooper & Kid. The Cooper Kit is a curated box of products designed specifically for dads and their children, featuring an activity book that guides you through the theme and the contents of the box, a bedtime story, a shipping box that turns into a toy, and six to nine gender-neutral activities for dads and their children. (And after looking it through it, I see no reason that moms can’t participate. This could absolutely work for a mom and kids as well!)


Plus, you get links to even more theme-related activities such as a themed dinner menu with recipes. My son and husband cook together often, and this was definitely a bonus for them. For $65, you receive this amazing box of adventures every three months. This is such a fun gift idea for active dads and their children. 

Daddy and Me Aprons ($40–$90)



Adorable aprons by Hedley & Bennett might be the perfect gift idea for the chef or chef wannabe father in your life. Putting together a set for the kids and dads makes it even more special. 

Tom & Teddy Matching Swimwear ($55–$95)

Matching swimwear for Father's Day

I’m all about the matching stuff lately. I love matching my two little boys’ outfits, and occasionally, I find a few great pieces for my older son and my husband that match as well. Tom & Teddy is one of many online shops that feature “daddy and me” swimwear. I love their simple patterns for boys and dads.  

Daddy & Me Tie Set

Father's Day gift guide daddy and me ties

Daddy and me tie set for father's day

Maybe it’s because I have an upcoming family wedding on my mind, but the idea of matching “daddy and me” ties is adorable. I bought the boys matching ties for this wedding, and when searching, I came across some adorable sets by Tadpole & Lily at a local boutique store. These are a fun twist on the traditional Father’s Day tie gift. My husband wears a tie every day, so it’s practical while still being super fun.

I love that there’s a little something for the kids in each of these. Which is your favorite?

More Father’s Day Gift Ideas:

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